Fallon & Byrne – Chef’s Corner


Fallon & Byrne recently announced a range of pre-prepared meals and I was lucky enough to receive an invite for the even from Jennifer King, F&B’s marketing specialist.

The range consists of starters, soups, mains, desserts, salads and accompaniments.

My family had already tried the Beef Bourguignon and Pulled Pork to positive acclaim… that is… they disappeared to various corners of the house with plates of it and scoffed the lot without complaint, so I knew the quality was good.

Possibly my favourite canapé of the night was the simplest, a slice of sausage with a little mash on top.

It was so good, I didn’t stop long enough to take a picture before devouring the little morcel but blogger The Dublin Diary has a lovely pic here.

Executive Chef Tom Meenaghan was on hand to answer questions and discuss the technical challenges of the Chef’s Corner range.

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