Perique Tobacco Liqueur


I’m always interested in trying unusual things, especially alcoholic ones, so when Jay from Hollands Off Licence in Bray mentioned he had some tobacco liqueur, I had to try some. Actually I told Jay that this undoubtedly tasted disgusting but it seemed rude not to see just how revolting it was.


I snuck down to Bray during my lunch break and showing a complete lack of restraint, asked Jay for a couple of glasses to try it out there and then.

It was a revelation. The amber liquid has hint of aniseed along with a subtle scent of… not surprisingly… tobacco, though rather than 20 John Player Blue this has more the aroma of a fine Cuban cigar.

Standing at the counter of Holland’s, enjoying the complex structure of this new drink, my eyes were drawn to the excellent array of liquers and spirits and there followed a “ooh look a squirrel” moment, as I darted behind the counter and started grabbing bottles of anything interesting that caught my eye.

Back to the Perique liqueur and rather like a fine wine or brandy the aroma had altered. Now less spicy but more smokey and still the unmistakable hint of fine cigar smoke.

Perique is regarded as the worlds finest and rarest tobaccos, grown in tiny quantities in Grande Pointe, Louisiana and the majority by one farmer. I suppose if you’re going to turn tobacco into a drink, you use the best tobacco you can find, or as manufacturers Jade Liqueurs say…

Louisisana Perique is the rarest and most precious tobacco in the entire world. The unique terroir of of the Mississippi River gives Louisiana Perique the intense spices and aromas that contribute to the delicate balance of this fine liqueur.

I had wondered what on earth I could mix a tobacco liqueur with but needn’t have worried. The smokey flavour works extremely well with whiskey and tequila and those spicey notes match well with dark rum.


Watch this space for my attempt at a Louisiana Tobacco Sour.

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